Write the Vision? Why Not Picture It?

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Well, I did it.  Last month I created a vision board in my bedroom, filling it with all the things I want for my cartoon business Ladytooner:  the HP Laptop, the creative software, the messenger bag and planner to run my business from, pictures of my cartoon characters, rows of dollar signs ('cause I want to make money!) and a quote from the artist SARK.

So why am I, a practicing Christian, doing something as "New Age" as a vision board?  There's a Bible verse, Habakkuk 2:2, which says (and I'm paraphrasing here), "Write the vision and make it plain upon tablets, so that he may run that reads it."  Well, instead of writing the vision, I used pictures--and my heart runs laps whenever I see the board!

Since that time last month, things have started happening.  I got the commercial art jobs from Diana and Bertha, with whom I'm still working.  I discovered Film Annex, where my animations can be seen.  I have a new HP laptop now (actually it's used but it's new to me) and new software; it's slow going but I'm getting the hang of using it.  And I am seeing dollar signs more often in the form of FA revenues and pay for art jobs.

I am definitely not a "New Ager"; I just put up the vision board to remind me to "go for it", whatever "its" I'm going for. So I can testify that the board gives me focus, and obviously God blesses the focused!


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