Xcorps Action Sports Music TV Presents NHG 7 Mountain Board Races and Hooterville Madness

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Xcorps Action Sports Music TV and Boostamonte Mountainboarding Presents - The 6th Annual Nate Harrison Grade Ultimate Dirt Skate Downhill and Hooterville Madness – known also as the NHG-7 which is noted by the Guinness Book of World Records which at 7 miles is the worlds LONGEST mountain board race!

Xcorps Action Sports Music TV Presents NHG 7 Mountain Board Races - VIDEO


This special Xcorps TV video release presents and focuses on the 6th annual NHG 7 off road dirt boarding skate event taking place October 10, 2009 with riders winding their way down the 7 mile fire road located on the backside of the 6142 foot Palomar Mountain located in southern California just north east of San Diego.


Check out the great ACTION here shot in a beautiful location on the pristine Mt. Palomar historic and important for it’s great optical observatory contributions.

 The XcorpsTV HD cams were rolling on the NHG 7 event with the beautiful outdoor visuals here listen to new music from RIVE promoted Relapse Records Dallas Texas based flow rock band TRUE WIDOW doing their song “FWTS LMT”…check their smooth scene!

XCTV is very happy to have them onboard for this bomb and carve session down the mountain!

Additional ACTION in this video shot the same day at a mountain board nesting area called “Hooterville” the Escondido CA offroad skate sports counterpart to Colorado’s “Compound”.

 Check out the drop session here with plenty of airborne moves with riders hitting some nicely packed dirt launch ramps followed by big gravel sliding stops!

 The producers of Xcorps TV have followed rolling cameras on niche Action Sports including this eXciting sport of MOUNTAIN BOARDING since the organized events began to be organized in the mid ‘90’s.


Riders included in the 6th annual NHG-7 race event included:

Krazy Kris Kidwell, Daymein Hertenstein, Kody Stewart, Brad Beren, Ben Selinger, Mike Kintanar, Trent Stewart, Wes Matthew, Gunner Hertenstein, Rob Goettling, Eric Ducharme, Todd Sanders, Nik Skinner, Doug Skinner and Eric Ducharme the XGURU.


Special Thanks to event producer and rider Brad Beren and Boostamonte MoutainBoards along with XCTV show hosts Rat Sult and Jason Lazo.


Stay tuned for many more ‘Flashback X SPORTS Videos’ like this following the history of this cool downhill outdoor sport and the people involved in nicely eXtreme Action Sports!


See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!

TRT – 5:25 11/2016 Release






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