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so i've been recently in touch with a fellow staffordshire university student who wants help making a short documentary for Nigerian Independence day which i am really so excited about. I'll be learning so much about Nigerian culture and life

let me tell you a bit about YAC

YAC is an organisation committed to educating youth about the problems we face as a nation. We aim to use various media to disperse important information about where our weaknesses lie in order to be able to grow in strength. We look for peaceful ways to bring the endemic corruption that racks our everyday lives to a point of non- existence. More importantly we are concerned with information. We are concerned with knowledge. These are the tools with which we will outgrow poor governance and the regressive cult of mediocrity.
Go ahead follow them on twitter and check out what they do and are all about
I will post updates of how this project goes !!
bye :D

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