Yellow fruits a great blessing(part1)

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By yellow fruits we mean those fruits who are yellow in color.such as peach ,apricot , mango , banana , papaya etc .These fruits are great blessing and gift of god. All these fruits contain dietary fiber which make them good digestive enzyme .All these are full of different types of vitamins and minerals .All these have very less calories and cholesterol and digest in very less time .So people eat them with meal or after it as it helps in digestion also. Luckily almost all the yellow fruits are available in summer . Now we will discuss each yellow fruit.


Apricot is very tasty and healthy fruit . Its color is yellow .Its taste is very sweet. There is one seed inside it and an almond in it .Some people called it sweet potato.It will reduce thirst .. The waste material found in body is washed out by this this the cleaning of stomach take place.It will help in gaining of physical and mental health.


When the word yellow fruit come in our mind the first flash comes is of mango. as it is known as king of all fruits .It has authority on others in taste and benefits .Some people think that mango has warm effect in our body but it not true.It helps in gaining of blood.It helps in reducing the factor of being caught in summer diseases .It is used as medicine in some diseases like cholera,sun stroke  and summer sickness.


Melon is a watery fruit.Some people called it as a vegetable also.Its color ranges from yellow to orange.Its use helps in improvement of good vision.It contains many vitamins and minerals that are best for digestion .it is very soft fruit .Its use gives strength to bones and teeth.It is useful  in water deficiency .

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