Yes, I don't have a TV, I watch movies online only:)

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 I can’t speak for you, but for me watching movies online has become an integral part of my everyday life. No, I do like going to a movie theater sometimes, but now it's less likely to happen so often, and I only go to watch movies that are interesting to me due to some objective reasons, not all in a row.

 Gone are the days when we all viewed the daily program schedule in a magazine or newspaper, in search of what we could watch at leisure. The development of modern technologies has given us high-speed Internet, and with it a huge number of online platforms for watching any movies your heart desires came along.

 Have you noticed that almost all film distribution spots are long gone? And there are some vending machines in supermarkets where you can buy or rent movies? But I don't see lots of people waiting in line there...

 Internet cinema platforms took over the world. Here we have Vimeo, where everyone can put their creations for the public to judge, and Netflix, whose revenues are growing exponentially, and the business has raised so much they began making their own multi-million dollar movie projects, and of course, the Film Annex platform, which is popular among today's young filmmakers. The only one big difference, on Film Annex you can get paid...

By the way, for a very reasonable amount of money (like $10-15 a month (!) you can watch perfectly legal movies, in any translation and subtitles, in the Internet. You can watch them illegally, though, but let's not talk 'bout that...

 The world has become wider. We can now not only watch those creations that producers considered worth watching, but we do have access to small independent movies shot by filmmakers from around the world, that we could hardly ever learn about.

 This is truly important! It is, because the essence of the movie is to convey an idea, a thought, to show what is not known and what others do not see. The Internet provides us all the possibilities for that. Take a camera – go shoot!  So as for me – I'm totally into online movies!

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