YOLO- You Only Live Once

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True that. You only live once, so don't waste yourself. Don't give up on yourself.

Don't underestimate yourself, you have the power to break the mountains the intellect to discover the lost dynasties and the courage to reach the moon.

You only Live once right? Then why waste your time in admiring other victorious beings when you have the capabilities to conquer the worlds by yourself.

YOLO right? then why hurt people or make enemies.

YOLO right? Then why envy others or get jealous? It's not like they're gonna get another life in this world. They get as much as you do ONE LIFE.

YOLO! then go ahead and tell your family you love them, be there for your friends and stay with those who care for you.

YOLO! so lets encourage each other, after all we all gotta go, everybody has an expiry date lo.

YOLO! so stay positive, and spread positiveness. 

Don't keep negative feelings, leave things like drugs and and other such stuff that plays role of an obstacle and keep you away from discover the world, loving the nature and admiring Allah's creations. Worship your Lord, He has sent you down for noble purposes, to conquer lands, to inhibit mountains and islands, to discover the lost deserts, to study and learn the Nature and everything in it. Live for yourself, not for your drugs or your clubs.

Enjoy life, don't just breathe it in and out LIVE IT.

Make everything right, love all, hate one, avoid wars, promote peace, respect others and stay obedient to your Lord because YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE IN THIS WORLD.

Stay blessed. Good Luck

Keep Smiling :)

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