You are The Most Important Factor of your Life, Change Yourself and Change the World

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Human is a very complicated physically, spiritually and naturally. The complications you see in the universe that much complication you can see in spirit of a Human and fortunate are those who gets to know and are aware of these complications and can make a contact between both internal and external World and live their life successfully.

No one can be change a Human unless he himself wants, we feel and think about things that we can see or imagine, this means that the individuals themselves are the ones who can bring changes to their lives, they have the power to control the changes in their Life as well make their destiny which means that Humans have that much capacity for making things happen as they wish and think is good for their Life. Moreover, we have many proverbs which indicates that Humans are capable to change their destiny, for an instance we can have this proverb “you can’t find happiness but you can create it” or “happiness is like a honey, you won’t know it’s test unless you yourself take a bit from it” and the same “no one can defeat you, unless you defeat yourself” this proverbs clearly shows that individuals themselves are definitely in charge of their Lives, they can change their life into a heaven or hell, it is in their hand. They can keep their aims strong and high and strive for their desired motion or get disappointed and leave everything, the decision can be theirs. 

So, better every one work hard to change their life as Gandhi says that “ be the change you wish to see in the world”and do their best for having a better life as well remember that mind their own Business and not to interfere in others life because most of the time we don’t remember that while interfering in others Life we only waste our time without getting any benefit out of it and it causes the bad relations among individuals at the end which can destroy the lives involved in the situation. 

The supreme creatures has been gifted with a mind which has deferred them from the Animals, by which they can decide and select the best ways for themselves, set goals and do their best for achieving them and change the situations as they wish, build their capacity to connect the internal and external World and through its Connection make the best possible changes which is helpful for himself as well the world so Humans themselves are the most important Factors in their own Lives


By: Women'sAnnex Kabul

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