You Had Left Me Anyway

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You Had Left Me Anyway

Blockbuster movies got its sequels,
Mobile phones kept its latest models;
Few good churches still rapidly growing,
While some of its converts are blowing;
Yet, you are leaving anyway.

Groceries are always piled in bulk,
As consumers rushing like the Hulk;
Only to find, there’s just one thing they need,
A cute appetite that is free from greed;
Yet, you are leaving anyway.

You had left a garden on a borrowed land,
I wish you scripted the plants with your brand;
The inner silks of your perky heart refined,
This soothed me once in my rugged mind;
Yet, you are still leaving anyway.

The tasks ahead once you protected and pampered,
Now crying like “flocks of sheep without a shepherd;”
Clothes to wash, people to visit, and bills to pay,
Are all patiently waiting, and missing you in dismay;
Yes dear, you had left me anyway.

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