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Eligible Afghan citizens are going to attain the right to elect the president and provincial council and vote for their new president. The elections date is 16th of Hamal, the day that people will change their fate by their votes. Fortunately, Democratic participation is now a part of everyone’s life. Afghans both men and women who are eligible can participate to the elections. By recognizing the power of their vote, people go to the voting centers to receive voter registration cards throughout the country.

The importance of elections, with an efficient registration process and support of the tribal and religious scholars by their propaganda about the role of elections in the society, are the reasons behind the palatability of people with elections.

Media beside other social roles plays an important role to aware people from upcoming elections and persuades them to go to ballot boxes and vote for anyone they wish. In addition, securing of elections day is the next important point to pay attention for. although security officials have been announcing plans to ensure the elections are held in an a calm atmosphere, but the problem is not only the situation of people on that day, also keeping deep attention for safe process is important for the staffs of IEC (Independent Elections Commission).

The upcoming presidential elections are a chance for all Afghans above 18 years old to vote for their favourite candidate and be apart in the future of Afghanistan.

By Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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