You Really Have to Pay the Price

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I have proven this idea time and again. I'm referring to our innate tendency to extend our time doing something while taking time away from our sleep.

For example, we would try to extend our social interaction beyond bedtime and steal a few hours of sleep in hopes of earning a few more pennies. Perhaps we want to make some more satoshis, so we interact, say, for one more hour beyond our sleeping time.

Of course, we are happy and satisfied when we see our earnings grow the next day as a result of extending our wake time a few hours the night before. The problem is that we wake up a little late the next day. Apart from waking up late, we tend to have less energy because we stole some sleeping hours.

What we stole the night before will have to be compensated the next day. We would feel the need to sleep at some point in the course of the day. I find myself in this situation from time to time, so I realized we really can't cheat on our body.

At some point in time, we need to pay the price of our own actions. So every time you feel your body asks for a respite, you should willingly comply. After all, what's the use of earning a lot of money today but you have to spend it all later to take care of your own body?

So fellow Bitlanders members, as a reminder, though we aspire for higher earnings as days go by, we should always be good to ourselves. Any excesses will have to be paid in full later.

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