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 The 20-30-somethings of the modern day have very different expectations from their ‘brand new cars’ than the folks of the previous generation; a lot of it has to do with the significant rise in environmental sustainability and consciousness.

 So, you’re probably wondering ‘that’s fine and dandy, but why do I care?’ Well, the motor vehicle industries across the globe represent a huge percentage of profit and jobs for the general population.

I’m sure we may all know of at least one person in our lives who either owns a car, works for a car company or is planning on buying a new car.

 Well, with this recent shift in expectations from the modern car owners coupled with a significant decline in the amount of people actually having a drivers license (only 2/3 of 16-24year-olds) means car companies are ready and listening to the opinions of the younger generations.

By listening I mean you will see a huge change in the development, production and manufacturing of motor vehicles over the next couple of years. For instance, many younger individuals are not interesting in buying a fancy car purely for the knickknacks and brand, that burns fuel like a madman and costs enough to feed a family of 50 for a couple of years.

 To be frank, according to PopularScience, many younger adults are moving to bigger cities where they don’t even need or want to own a car. The younger generation has shifted the “cool factor” of transportation from getting the biggest car to being the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly with public transportation and bicycles. This means monster trucks out, bikes and feet are in. If the younger population were seeking to purchase a new motor vehicle, they need fuel efficiency, preferably electric cars, cost-efficiency, a low environmental impact, and ultimate safety, preferably autonomous cars. Sounds like quite a challenge huh?

 Considering the fact that according to PopularScience, over 50% of the United States’ electric-vehicle charging stations have opened following 2012, don’t be surprised if you see drastic changes to the design and technology found in our everyday motor vehicles. 

The younger adults are the future, so car companies have to listen. Well, just look at your own preferences, do you feel you need a car on a daily basis? How have your preferences changed over the past couple of years?

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