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young generation are the members of a society which can make their country improved.then families are responsed to support them to serve their country as well.Afghanistan is not so improved like other countries because the way of learning knowledge is not so possible for every member of this countries.it is the best period of life.the period,when we are strong and energetic,patient,fresh minded and perseverant.This period is very conclusive when we are determind and armful.Of course,if we do not take benefites of the young hood and if we waste it,we certainly cannot find it again and the result will be only pity and regret.

 the young generation composes the main part of a society.Indeed they are the constructive forces who lead the society toward development and progress.the youngs play a key role both in material and intellectual building of a society.they are indeed the iron pillars in a human community.

the progress of a country does not only means having the tall buildings,wide streets and beautiful  nature,but also means the armful and tallented youngs,who actually form the intellectual properties of a society .the obligation that the youngs have in a society is remarkable.

there are youngs who consolidate the human forces and fortify the economy .one of the scholars says:''the best service that someone may do for her/his society,is training of the young generation,because when the youngs are wise and alert,no one can desive them''.the basic way to make the youngs ready for the big responsibilities is there sound aducation.

the government have to pave the way for higher and vocational aducation and persuade the youngs to take over the big responsibilities. the families should be trained to train the talented and the government has to guarantee the best job opportunities and good facilities for the future of the young generation.

as well as , the individuals based on there social and ethical responsibilities,should spare no kind of efforts to do anything for their youngs and society.
young generation are the keys of a country's prosperity...

we have also those youths tat they are not real leaders of their country.on the contrary they collapse the society .

sound youths are the nation's assist...

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