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You owe your good life to your hands! They make it easier and better than the lives of all other it easier and better than the lives of all other creatures on earth. Only man can dream of wonders and then make his hands build them into homes and cities.

Your hand’s special bones, muscles and skin fit it for many uses. Think of how many different jobs you do with it in one day! No creature except man can do most of these jobs.

Fingers can be trained to do amazing things. With two fingers, a doctor can tie tight knots in a thread inside a human heart. The fingers of a piano player can strike 120 notes a second. A circus performer learned to balance himself on his index finger.

Which is your busiest and most important finger? Your thumb! It van cross over or work with any other finger. You could get along fairly well with the thumb and only other finger.

The five fingers differ in strength. After the thumb, the middle finger is usually the strongest. Next comes the index finger. The fourth finger’s muscles do not let it more as well as the other fingers. People who learn to type or play the piano fined the fourth finger the hardest to train. The little finger moves more easily, but it is the weakest finger.



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