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Irving Fisher, once President of the American Economic Association, wrote many works on various sciences, but one of his most ​​important contributions was the research on the theory of money. Fisher's interest diagram shows the profit you can make in the future if you lend money today.

Banks have traditionally been intermediaries between lenders and borrowers, taking a larger share of income. Investors always have a choice: to invest safely or to invest profitablу.

Professor of Economics Braddock Hickman, examined data from 1900 to 1943 showed that the skillful approach, you can make high profits at a very low level of risk.
Hickman combined scientific activity, with a successful career: worked as vice president of the Cleveland branch of the Federal Reserve Bank and the head of the National Commission on Federal Statistics.

His findings were confirmed by the research by T.P. Atkinson based on data from 1944 to 1965.

High-yield financial obligations (micro-loans) provide perfect opportunity: it differs from buying shares on stock market. No matter how deeply you examine any stock, you can't estimate its exact value in the future. But when you deal with a loan, you know the payment due date, and you know exactly how much you earn.

Webtransfer has developed a P2P (person to person) lending technology: the network entire credit resource is considered as one diversified high-yield portfolio of financial obligations.

There is the Security Fund formed by some part of the credit network income. Even if some borrowers fail to pay loans in time, the yield of the entire portfolio will not reduce below the guaranteed level.

At any time you can sell a loan and get your money back with a minimum yearly rate of 24%.

To issue and receive micro-loans in Webtransfer can anyone - it is enough to be a member of one of the social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Google+, and Classmates Моймир

In the credit network Webtransfer interests of creditors are protected in the first place.

Good luck with your deals!

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