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Filmmakers » Agent/Manager, Director, Director of Production, Distributor

Gene Geter - a photographer, author and former entertainment columnist.

Gene has photographed a vast number of models, artists and musicians including
- Bianca Golden (America's Next Top Model),
- Kahshanna Evans and
- Laurence Yang.

Geter has interviewed such superstars as
- Prince,
- Alicia Keys,
- Jessica Alba,
- Robin Thicke,
- Kristin Kreuk,
- Aaliyah,
- Usher,
- Snoop Dogg and
- Jada Pinkett Smith.

Gene Geter has published novellas, poetry and photography books.

Geter is also a videographer.

Gene Geter works with the dancer Shoko Tamai.

Shoko Tamai has traversed the world stage with unmatched distinction, power, beauty and elegance in the world of Ballet. She continues to dazzle the masses, evolve her profession and influence her art by combining Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance with all-original and interpretive choreography in her theater performances.
Hailing from Yamanashi, Japan, a small mountain town located in the far outskirts of Tokyo, Shoko has been a classically trained ballerina since the age of two and has since toured with The Central School of Ballet (London, UK), The American Academy of Ballet (NYC, USA), The Paris Opera (France) and The Madrid Ballet School (Spain). Her undying dedication to her art has led her to grace the globe, lighting up the stages of famed venues that include London’s Royal Opera House, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, and The Theatre Royal in Glasgow.
Shoko Tamai has competed from Hong Kong to New York and has the honor of being a Finalist in The World Ballet Competition and a Gold Medalist in the New York Ballet Competition (American Academy of Ballet). Her explosive resume and qualifications aside, Shoko is a true pioneer in her own right as she distinguishes herself on-stage with her exquisite history and story-telling through expressive dance. Each one of her performances promises to deliver a unique, stimulating visual and musical experience that should not be missed!