"10 Stories of the Bison" - Yellow Sticky Notes Anijam Workshop (Group 2)

Uploaded on Monday 22 December 2014


This Yellow Sticky Notes Anijam was created by a group of high school students during an animation workshop instructed by Jeff Chiba Stearns. The animation workshop was organized by the Zubroffka Short Film Festival in Supraśl, Poland at the Liceum Plastyczne im. Artura Grottgera w Supraślu. This is Group 2's animation. Each of the 10 students created a small section of this larger animated film by animating on hundreds of yellow sticky notes with just a black pen.

Prowadzenie: Jeff Chiba Stearns
Opieka: Liceum Plastyczne im. Artura Grottgera w Supraślu, Agnieszka Waszczeniuk, Kaper Pawluk
Produkcja: Białostocki Ośrodek Kultury - MFFK ŻUBROFFKA 2014


Language: English

Country: Poland