2011-11-11 Project

Uploaded on Wednesday 2 November 2011


On the 11th November 2011 you’re invited to participate in the largest collaborative storytelling event in human history.

On this auspicious day – 11/11/11 - anyone in the world who has access to any recording device will be asked to capture their lives through film, photography, music, sound and text. It’s quintessentially “a day in the life of the world” told by the people of earth.

Post the date, participants will submit their creations to the 11Eleven Project team, who will then filter and curate the work and turn it into a few different projects, including a book series, world music collection and a documentary film.

The narrative of the project will be guided by 11 key topics given to participants to inspire their creativity. These topics are: LOVE, PLAY, FAITH, DARKNESS, HEARTBREAK, MAKE A WISH, COURAGE, ROUTINE, WATER, BEAUTY AND BEGINNINGS

The last component to be released will be the feature-length documentary film. It will be screened on the 21st September 2012 – International Day of Peace. The film will be made available to all people – for free – and will be shown in public spaces such as universities, urban screens, town halls and community spaces.

All the profits raised from the project will go to supporting charities aligned with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals – these charities include the World Wildlife Fund, The Hunger Project, Save The Children, Global Voices, Hamlin Fistula and Opportunity International.

Currently the 11Eleven Project is available in multiple languages, with traction in over 150 countries and holds partnerships with more than 13 educational institutions. The entire project is being run through volunteer passion, bringing people from all walks of life together, to unite the world on 11/11/11.

A major objective of the project is to raise significant amounts of money and awareness for some of the greatest problems currently facing humanity. These include hunger, environmental sustainability, gender equality, poverty, education and maternal health. The 11Eleven Project is an artistic venture that aims to explore our differences and recognise our similarities. Its
purpose is to bring individuals together, lift man made boundaries, shatter misconceptions and open a universal narrative that brings about positive communication and pro- active engagement between all people.

To get involved check make sure you press record on 11/11/11.

More information at http://www.11elevenproject.com


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