35 ° Rally del Ciocco and Valle del Serchio 2012

Uploaded on Wednesday 18 December 2013


Total victory for Paolo Andreucci and Anna Andreussi in the first round of the Italian Rally Championship, in Tuscany. The prelude to a season as absolute rulers.
Completing the podium Scandola-D'Amore e Perico-Carrara.
Very good performance for Eddie Sciessere and Francesco Orian, fifth overall and first of the two driving wheels.
The final results:
1 Andreucci-Andreussi Peugeot 207 S2000 1:55'53.3
2 Scandola-D'Amore Skoda Fabia S2000 +26.9
3 Perico-Carrara Peugeot 207 S2000 +1'26.5
4 Gamba-Inglesi Peugeot 207 S2000 +4'19.4
5 Sciessere-Orian Renault Clio S1600 +5'27.0
6 Campedelli-Fappani Citroen DS3 R3T +6'31.5
7 Ferrarotti-Fenoli Renault Megane RS N4 +7'51.2
8 Nucita-Princiotto Citroen C2 R2B +7'59.1
9 Nannini-Pecchioli Abarth Grande Punto S2000 +8'44.0
10 Cogni-Mazzetti Citroen DS3 R3T +9'20.9

Filming and editing by the Italian structure RallyCiak Productions.


Language: English

Length: 6:37

Country: Italy

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