"4 Play The Dating Game"

Uploaded on Friday 13 August 2010


"4 Play" is a New Dating Game TV Show (Pilot) Written, Produced and Directed By Matthew Bora

The Goal:
Well, 4 girls and 4 guys try their luck in finding their life long perfect "love match" over dinner at local top notch restaurants.

Each partner gets to mingle over each course of the dinner: 1. Salad, switch, 2. appetizer switch, 3. main course switch, then 4. At the end of the desert, HHmmm, if there is a "Love match" and the couple mutually likes each other, then we have a winner at the end of the show!

The show also highlights the best restaurants from all over the USA.
Hosted by Valerie Palma.


Language: English

Length: 23 mins

Country: United States