A little birdy being drawn

Uploaded on Saturday 17 February 2018


Hello everyone!

Here's a short video on how I drew parts of this little bird. I just took a few shots of me drawing it and not exactly the whole thing, just to give you an idea how I drew the bird.

I used an unbranded gel ink pen. Nothing special, just an ordinary black gel pen. Hehe. This is my drawing process. Normally I don't use any guides unless it is really required for a professional artwork or if it needs to be much accurately drawn.

If I draw for fun I just wing it and draw it like I see it. Haha.

For one thing, I like the other site because it let's me draw stuff I wouldn't normally draw. Like I wouldn't really go out of my way to check for a bird pic to draw unless I was paid to do it. Lol.

This is just another random freehand pen drawing session brought to you by @Artgirl.



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Country: Philippines

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