A Trip to South Cebu

Uploaded on Sunday 2 October 2016


Last Saturday, my husband James and I decided that we should go home to Oslob, Cebu, his own home town because of different reasons. First, he misses the fighting chickens' growth and he would like to see them personally as they are now being engaged in Derbys. Second, he had printed tarpaulins for himself and for their cousin and he has to bring them to Oslob. Third, he would like to take a rest and just keep himself busy with chickens and nature.

Well out of the three reasons, I had agreed with the third one so he can rest and that was why we were off to Oslob at a late time of ten in the morning. We took an airconditioned bus called Sugbo, these are new additional vehicles by Ceres Corporation and that they look very new.

While on board, I realized they have a semi-flat surface in the window side since I was seated there and I then thought it would be a good idea to take videos of the road while the bus is moving.

Indeed I was able to take a very long video showcasing the streets of Cebu City and the rest of the province. We were originally seated at the right part of the bus where all we can see were houses, schools, gasoline stations and other vehicles. When we were at Argao, two seats were vacant since the other passengers started to go down the bus so we transferred to those seats and got to take a video of the sea view from the bus.

This is a long video so I hope you'll enjoy. This is how Cebu streets and road view looks like. Don't stop until the end where you'll see the sea area.

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