Adam Frieman, Finance Professional, on Business Opportunities for Veterans

Uploaded on Thursday 17 May 2012


Adam Frieman has 27 years of financial industry experience including all areas of equity capital raising through multiple cycles.

Adam is in full support of Film Annex’s project to build schools in Afghanistan and believes in the importance of connecting with the people, which is the only way we can grow their confidence so they can build their economy and take control of their own destiny. Education is the key for social change and stability, “Without education as a base you cannot expect people to take control of their own destiny.” This education, Adam believes, will not only help this generation, but future generations as well. “It takes time and many, many people” says Adam, but “the more that Film Annex is able to have its impression made today, the faster this will occur.”

More about Adam Frieman: Served as Partner at Probitas Partners, a venture capital and private equity fund placement firm; For 12 years, Managing Director at UBS Investment Bank, serving as Deputy Head of US Equity Capital Markets; Founded and ran UBS’ award-winning Equity Risk Management Group; Mergers and Acquisitions at Bankers Trust Company; co-founded their Strategic Equity Risk Management Group. He studied Finance at The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania.


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