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The no-holds-barred adrenaline fueled thrill ride begins with a bang when two highly obsessed with film and video game culture brothers Erin (Benjamin Pearce) and Mitch Librias (Evan Pearce) launch the film off with an epic air soft battle in the woods. The next day begins with the two watching "Die Hard" and discussing going into town to return a package mailed to the wrong address. While in town, they pick up some movies at their local video store "Film Fiesta", go home and watch "Hot Fuzz", and are inspired to go blow money on some real guns. After returning from a long road trip out of town, they discover the town seems to be completely deserted. That is until they run into the gun-wielding Kintner boy(Jacob Pearce), the next door neighbor, who seems to behave oddly once firing the weapon at the two brothers. After the encounter, they discover more hostile children, but are rescued by ex-military soldier Glenn Demicks, who informs the brothers of a waterborne parasite that infects the minds of adolescent children. Glenn is shot and killed shortly after, and Erin and Mitch are on their own, fighting for their lives. After a long battle between the Librias brothers and the infected, they are saved by Liam Rodregiuez (Ben Whiting) who introduces them to survivors Venessa Waters (Courtney Bergman), local redneck Stew Bradford (Hunter Pataski), Patricia Yale (Ashlyn Smilowitz), Heather Martez (Autumn Shellhammer), and famous vocalist Leah Zellers (Ashley Meyer). After a daring dash to Stew's gunroom, the survivors attempt to flee the village of Greenline, that is until they are captured by Plaga right hand man Hansen Smith (Rudy Redilla) and taken to the infected's "colosseum", the high school football field, where they discover infamous former scientist and notorious drug lord Doctor Chet Saddler (Francisco Pineiro) is the cause of all of this, from being run off the roadon his way to Greenline to find a misshipped package of his highly delicate hybrid cocaine. After a brutal gunfight in the colosseum, the remaining survivors escape. However, Saddler grabbed Mitch during the gun battle and holds him hostage, in which Erin must lead the survivors back to the colosseum to rescue his brother and save the world from global destruction.


Language: English

Length: 2:59

Country: United States

Creative Commons License

ADRENALINE (2013) [TRAILER] by Benjamin Pearce is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.