Amanda Seyfried Interview for "Red Riding Hood"

Uploaded on Wednesday 9 March 2011


I finally got the chance to sit down with Amanda Seyfried. She's an astute young actress who's been picking the right roles. She is definitely picture-perfect as Red Riding Hood. She has an ethereal quality that makes her look transcend time and place.

And she's a bit shy. And she had trepidations about taking the lead role in this Leonardo DiCaprio-produced film.

In this interview, we talked about:

*** Why she chose to wear the red riding hood
*** Why did she have second thoughts about accepting the role
*** How does she pick her roles?
*** Why she's saying that director Catherine Hardwicke was proud to say she got Rob (Pattinson) and Kristen (Stewart) together
*** In the film, she must choose between Shiloh Fernandez and Max Irons. Who will she choose in real life?


Language: English

Length: 4:30

Country: United States