Arcanys-Enfo Team Outing 2017

Uploaded on Sunday 26 November 2017


Two weeks ago, I was tagged along for a weekend getaway together with my husband's colleagues and team mates. They have a client around from Sweden and so they wanted to tour him around the province. South of Cebu was the easiest way around so the itinerary was to go to Oslob for the whale shark experience, then to Tumalog Waterfalls then have lunch at James' place so Eric (client) could also witness and get himself involved with how we Filipinos cook chicken, from the killing to taking out its feathers and to the cooking part. One more plan was to go to Aguinid waterfalls but that was not realized. Then afterwards, we'll go to Moalboal where we'll be staying overnight.

Based on the videos and the clips taken, Eric seemed to have enjoyed the two days trip. He was also drunk that night, we had fun playing jenga, cards and action ones.

Of course, drinking was not absent. There were beers and hard drinks with us. It knocked a few of the guys and girls too! Good thing the resort was really huge that even if we make loud noises, the other guests from the different rooms won't be able to hear us.

I wrote a review about the resort here:

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This video will show you how the entire trip went in action. Hope you'll enjoy it too!

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