Arcanys Halloween 2016

Uploaded on Thursday 24 November 2016


I know this is a bit late but let me post it instead since I am following a set of clips to post and this backlog has been ongoing for the past months now. Anyway this film was taken during the Halloween event at my husband's company, Arcanys, well that is their old company name. The new company name now is XLR8 Ventures Inc.

The video will showcase their company office decorations which were mostly composed of dead people covered with white clothing and drenched with blood, red and super scary. There were even ones which have been hung and even placed in the table.

But this is just a decoration. The main event was their competition of different costumes and dress up. This year, there were only five participants which is very little compared to last year's where there were more than ten participants.

It was an interesting battle of participants as they portrayed themselves during the presentation. Although some of them look really scary like the evil nun and the headless body but nevertheless there were laughter all around.

Hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed editing the video.

Jean Beltran-Figues
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Country: Philippines