Are You Familiar With the Terms Psychopath and Antidepressant? (Part 1)

Uploaded on Wednesday 22 December 2010


Are you familiar with the terms Psychopath and Antidepressant?

We learn that the definition of psychopathy is based on a combination of personal traits, people are born with this condition and there is no cure. It is not a disease. In past people shunned psychopaths from their communities but in the globalized society they have better opportunity to hide. With a better access to education a new "breed" of psychopaths came to prominence: "corporate psychopaths". Traditionally the word is associated with a violent criminal behavior and still 35-45% of prison population in the US is made of people with this condition. Far more importantly people with exactly the same make-up, with higher IQ have silently stepped up the ladder and are involved in the management of corporations, financial organizations and in politics. One would almost be tempted to blame all the wrongs in the world today on the actions of these invisible or grey individuals.


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