ATV Ride to Mayon's Lava Front

Uploaded on Monday 4 July 2016


The highlight to our Albay Anniversary Trip was the ATV adventure ride from Cagsawa Ruins towards the Mayon Volcano's Lava Front. It was a good three hour drive and it was super exciting for we have gone to different kinds of roads.

There were smooth cemented ones while there were also black rocky roads. My favorite of them all was the river areas where we have to take the wheels of our all terrain vehicle to the test in the waters while big rocks have been also piled up.

The wheels would tend to rumble but we were all okay and was able to finish the trail in full bodies. I got to also experience their zip line which brought me from the top of the Lava Front towards the parking area of our ATVs.

It was all worth it and my husband and I would love to experience more ATV rides in the future.

Enjoy the two minutes video.

Jean Beltran-Figues


Language: Music

Country: Philippines

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