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Another attraction and part of Puerto Princesa City Tour is the Baker’s Hill. Baker’s Hill is located at Sta. Monica, same way to Mitra’s Ranch. Baker’s Hills Bake shop is known for its baked products like manon, crinkles, Brownies, the famous and best seller HOPIA and other “pasalubong” productsThey also have a souvenir shop inside for those who want to buy some Palawan shirts, key chains and other pasalubong items.Baker’s Hill is a mini theme park that children would definitely love it. Baker’s Hill is like a kiddie wonderland filled with fiberglass sculptures adapted from popular Disney characters.There are cartoon characters statue scattered around the garden and good for picture taking. We enjoyed taking pictures beside these colorful statues.There is no entrance fee in Baker’s Hill. In fact, you can just go there and take a look around.Baker’s Hill is a really clean place. It’s too clean; you would be ashamed to throw your garbage anywhere.This will certainly make you feel that you’re in Disneyland, but without the gigantic and flashy carnival rides. The place is great for families because there is a playground wherein kids can just be themselves and adults can be kids again.
Baker’s Hill started out as a usual bakery but they eventually expanded and decided to make it into a theme park. And now, this has become a popular destination for the Puerto Princesa City Tour.

How to go to Baker’s Hill Palawan?
Getting here is just easy, there were so many available trips for tourist like us that is offered, but if you’re a budget type person like me, if you’re in the town proper look for public transport bound for Sta. Monica. If you will just go to Baker’s Hill alone, you will be charged for P20-30 pesos one-way ride.

Baker’s Hill Palawan Contact Details

Mitra Road, Sta. Monica, Puerto Princesa city
Palawan Philippines
+63 9176298244
(048) 433 4314


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