Basic Calligraphy Workshop by National Bookstore

Uploaded on Monday 19 March 2018


Unexpectedly, I finally got the chance to go to a Basic Calligraphy Workshop where Williza Go and the Basic Floral Illustration by Alyssa Lanot. I planned to join the event but not to join the workshops as I thought it would cost me but then, I only bought the brush pens from Winsor and Newton and I got two sessions for free!

I am glad my husband James was really supportive of me and had let me spend two hours at the venue while he was just roaming around, taking videos here and there.

In this video you'll see Williza Go speaking about Brush Calligraphy and her own tips and tricks as to how to do the basics, starting with the letters then creating a calligraphy art for the word Cebu.

It was fun and I had learned some tips specially with writing the lower case letter o.

Then the next session was with Alyssa Lanot. She showed us her wonderful talent of illustrating flowers. Different types of them. Unfortunately, the camera battery died so there were no video coverage during that session. Still, it was something that I am willing to go through again in the near future.

Check the video as it shows the other events such as the painting competition, the papers and notebooks being sold during the event and most specially the brush pens!


Jean Beltran-Figues


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Country: Philippines

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