Ben Hur in Cannes to accept his IFQ film and new media festival award for his film The Desperate

Uploaded on Tuesday 5 July 2011


Ben-Hur Sepehr, The Desperate

Independent Film Quarterly Film & New Media Festival honored multi award-winning short film The Desperate at a special reception during the Cannes Film Festival. Filmmaker Ben-Hur Sepehr, a former student of the legendary Ingmar accepted the award for Best Short Film.The Desperate, written, produced and directed by Ben-Hur Sepher was made by the non-profit film production company Tolerance Through Knowledge, Inc. The film is a Nazi hospital drama about a condemned Jewish officer forced to perform emergency surgery on a fearsome Nazi General's dying only son.
Starring Peter Mark Richman (Santa Barbara, Dynasty); Greg Mullavey (Mary Hartman, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice) and Alexander Leeb, The Desperate has won over 33 awards during its run on the international festival circuit. Most notably Best Short Drama at the IFFF and Best Short Film at the Hollywood Film Festival.


Language: English

Length: 7 min

Country: United States