Bohol Bee Express

Uploaded on Wednesday 13 September 2017


On our way to Cebu last month after my second and final medical check up with my OB, James and I arrived to Tagbilaran a little bit earlier, we had more than an hour available to roam around the city. But we were hungry so we ended up at the Lite Port area which is just a few minutes away from the Port which was good so in case it is time to go, we won't be spending lot of time to travel to the port.

We found the Buzz Express, this establishment is a newly opened one by the Lite Shipping Company which had invested as well now with infrastructure and real state instead of just shipping lines.

Since we had always love the food at The Buzz Cafe, we thought we must check out their new branch referred as Buzz Express. I guess it is called such because this is a smaller one compared to the rest of their branches.

I ordered their carbonara and James ordered the chicken. They offer free complimentary meal and we also tried their juice. We both like what we had ordered and were very full afterwards.

I didn't regret checking out the place because aside from good food, they also got good ambiance and perfect environment filled with the Bohol Bee Farm goodies such as their Pure Molave Honey which is my favorite.

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