Boljoon Parish Church

Uploaded on Wednesday 1 November 2017


Boljoon is the town before Oslob, it was a perfect place to stroll for a gloomy afternoon. With our motorcycle, we went and drove all the way from Oslob. It was a gloomy but nice to travel because the wind was cold and the road was empty, like literally, it was all us and some few vehicles passing by.

Upon reaching the main town, everything changed because there were tons of people around practicing for their annual foundation day which is happening soon. It was nice to see the teenagers and the young ones busy with dancing and singing.

We went to take photos of the Escuela Catolica then to the church and found out there's actually a church museum at the church convent.

"The church of the Nuestra Senora del Patrocinio was started a year after the Moros destroyed the old one in 1782, the current structure was completed only in 1841. The church served both as a place of worship and fortress for the people during the Moro sieges. It is the only extant fortress church in the country that still has an almost intact enclosure. The church was declared by the National Museum as National Cultural Treasure in 2001, the only heritage structure in the province honored with that designation." Information reference:

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Hope you like the video! My husband did the honor of editing this through HitFilm.

Video by Jean Beltran-Figues, Pinas traveler and photography hobbyist, find more travel stories in my blog section.


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