Bouncer Chronicles: Judo Jimmy Vennitti

Uploaded on Friday 11 February 2011


Judo Jimmy Vennitti has been shot three times and stabbed with a knife while working at some of the toughest New York City clubs. Judo Jimmy tells at the young age of eighteen he started his bouncing career and how the job has changed over the years. He has worked the door for over thirty years and explains how he built his celebrity clientele. Judo Jimmy discusses how the popular drugs of the time have a lot to do with the personality of the club. Also, how he has worked some parties that lasted for over twelve hours. He explains the selection process of how he picks the people that get into the clubs. He establishes a certain balance with the girls to guy ratio. He talks about how the sale of bottle service is now done. As soon as you walk into the club, the bouncers take your i.d. and credit card and bring you to the VIP table. He discusses how the club promoters make their money by cutting different deals with the owners of the club.


Language: English

Length: 20min

Country: United States

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