Calauit Safari Park Animals

Uploaded on Tuesday 2 May 2017


When in Coron, one thing that can be done aside from island hopping and beaching is to see the Giraffes and Zebras. It is a chance that one should not miss because this is the only place in the Philippines which caters this experience - to walk and mingle with the wild animals like you are in Africa!

But Africa is such a far far place to go to, not to mention the amount of money and time you have to spend just so you can see how these animals do at the wild. But I was thankful that the Philippines has a place like this, each of us has a chance and opportunity to get to be with them and feed them up close.

I learned that these animals are actually gentle and sexy in a way that they walk and run. They don't go backwards but always move forward but most importantly, they can kick badly!

Aside from Giraffes and Zebras, the Calauit Wildlife Safari also have their own endemic Palawan Deers which has been roaming around the area too.

We arrived at the sound of thongs being banged to call the attention of the Giraffes and the rest of the animals. This was a signal they had been used to hearing when it is feeding time. We fed them with leaves of those mangrove trees growing at the side of the island.

I will be creating a separate blog about this experience. It was an unforgettable one so I hope I can narrate what had happened during that time.

For now, kindly enjoy the video!

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