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Uploaded on Thursday 11 October 2012


Wubbzy’s Awesome Adventure!

Join Wubbzy as he saves Wuzzleburg from Widget's out-of-control Robo-Cluck 3000 invention! This exciting Awesome Adventure game is brought to you by the producers of the Emmy®Award winning Nick Jr. ® television series Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! ® Vibrant graphics, fun sound effects, and Wubbtastic animations will have kids (and adults!) jumping along as they help Wubbzy collect points and avoid obstacles on his way to saving the day!

Wow! Wow! Wow! features include:

§ Three exciting levels take you throughout Wuzzleburg

§ Pause button lets kids return to game play whenever they want to

§ Collect kickety-kickballs and bolts along the way to score

§ Game controls can be customized or placed where needed to fit little hands.

§ EASY mode allows preschoolers to play at their own pace. Or your child can try the HARD mode to race against the clock for increased difficulty

§ Easy-to-follow tutorials


Language: English

Length: 04:46

Country: United States

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