Caroline of Virginia - Featurette Trailer

Uploaded on Monday 22 November 2010


"Caroline of Virginia" is a film by Eric Norcross that stars the incredibly talented Lauren Meley and Michael Scott Ross. It co-stars Hall Hunsinger, Brian Corbett and features the voice of Norcross alumni Katie Jergens.

Produced by Jan Major, this contemporary (and highly original) fairy tale will be submitted to festivals in New York and abroad for the 2011 and 2012 seasons (festival policies permitting).

For more information, visit the festival portal for this film at:​carolinevirginia.html

Written and Directed by Eric M. Norcross
Produced by Jan Major and Eric Norcross
Starring: Lauren Meley, Michael Scott Ross, Hall Hunsinger, Brian Corbett & Katie Jergens.
Original Music Score by Peter Dmitriyev
Poster Layout by Melissa Zola
"The Milkshake Song" by Angry Salad (Courtesy of The Planetary Group - Used With Permission)

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Language: English

Length: 04.29

Country: United States