Cebu South Road Part 2

Uploaded on Sunday 13 November 2016


Second part of James' almost aerial view of the South Cebu Road while on our way to Oslob last weekend. As what I had stated before, we were seated at the back most part of the Ceres bus liner and later found a way for us to be able to take videos of the road through the back window since it was made of glass.

Gladly when we reached halfway of the southern Cebu road, our seatmates were already going down and others were transferring seats nearer to the main exit door while we were left alone at the back so we had occupied the entire long seat looking at the back and taking videos.

It was actually fun specially when we reached Boljoon since it was their annual town fiesta, there were hundreds of people around their old Catholic Church and that at the distance the nearby mountain just right at the shoreline was already open for viewers. There's a newly constructed viewing deck at the top which is still under development and that there were also lots of people climbing up the stairs to check the view above.

I am in fact interested with also getting there some day which is not really a hard thing to do and I bet we would be able to get there in a month when we get home to Oslob perhaps in the New Year. I wonder how the Boljoon view would look like during New Year too!

That should be it and hope you'll enjoy the view of the Cebu Southern Road.

Jean Beltran-Figues
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