Charlie Chaplin in Gentleman of Nerve

Uploaded on Tuesday 7 October 2014


These is a short silent film directed by Charlie Chaplin in 1914 the history is on a raceway stadium where a couple goes to see the race and pays for the entrance before a little fight with a big guy. The couple sitting near a more robust lady that attracts the attention of the boyfriend of the couple.
On the other scene Charlie, the tramp, is trying to enter for the front entrance without pay figthing with the big guy on the entrance but he doesnt sucessfull, so he decides to go near a wooden wall that have a hole but the big guy want to enter first and gets stuck there and Charlie enters goin under his legs without pay. Inside the race stadium lots of fight with espectators and the big boy appears and figth with Charlie. Charlie after that goes to sit near a lady and gets her drink, the young girlfriend see that charlie is there and goes to sit near him and begin a relationship with him to avoid her boyfriend and he goes there to get her back but Charlie gives him a punch and makes him fall on the Big guy that was catched by the police because he enters without pay and will be arrested too because of that. Charlie in the ends gets a new girlfriend and will see the race toguether.


Language: Silent

Country: United States

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