CHEAP & EASY DIY Smartphone Flashlight Color

Uploaded on Thursday 22 February 2018


Hello everyone! Welcome to a rare DIY video of Katsanslimites! Let me share to you something I've done in preparation for the ONE OK ROCK concert I've been to last January. And that is how to make a flashlight color for your phone! It's very cheap and easy to make and so I thought of sharing this idea to everyone. (I am not sure if anyone had this idea already but here it goes!)


- Scotch tape
- Scissors
- Colored plastic bag


1. Cut a strip from the plastic bag just enough to cover the flashlight bulb of your phone. I like mine to have a deep shade of red so I made use of two layers of the plastic bag by simply cutting at the edge. This gives you an instant two layers since it's already folded.

2. Place the strip on the scotch tape. Now, make sure to leave just a thin border around the strip, else, the scotch tape might cover the camera lens and that wouldn't look very nice when you take photos.

3. Stick it on top of your phone's flashlight or any device that has flashlight. Make sure it doesn't touch the camera lens. Anyway, you can trim the scotch tape if it does. Press to give it a strong hold.

That's it! As simple as that! Turn off the lights and turn on that flashlight! Be a color in the dark!

It's been almost a month now since the concert and I still have no plans of removing this sticker. Hehe! Of course, the colored flashlight isn't only for concerts. You can use it anywhere you like! And what's good about this tutorial of mine is that you can easily change the colors according to your preference. Colored plastic bags are everywhere so changing color is no problem. Maybe this idea could also help to recycle plastic bags?

Save the earth, raise your flashlights! :)

Tell me if you're making it too! I'd love to see it!


Thanks for watching!


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