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DESCRIPTION is a website of current ideas and criticism of books. Association loi 1901, nonfiction is run by a group of researchers, journalists, political activists, trade union and community groups, business leaders and site creators Web1. Its launch is contemporary with those of the site Life ideas, new online version of the journal paper of the Republic of ideas, and The International Review of books and ideas, whose styles and orientations differ, but overall mark a revival of interest in the book review (test) in France.
According to its founders, it seeks to revive an "intellectual quality journalism to give voice to a new generation of researchers to advance the progressive views, defend and promote the books of social sciences and to open the world French ideas about the international "2.
nonfiction is intended as a reference line in France in the Francophone world, and around the world literary ideas.


Language: French

Length: 3min

Country: France

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