Uploaded on Thursday 28 July 2016


Hello bitbuddies! :)
My name is jvanity1 and here is my second song cover. Another OPM (Original Pinoy Music) it is!
To be honest, I wasn't supposed to upload this one because I feel like I could have given more than this. I could feel like there were some pitchy parts of my cover and I could feel that there was lesser emotion in this cover. I've thought for quite a while if I should give it a go signal or not but as the last day arrived, I couldn't say that it wasn't bad after all. It's actually quite good and my version was quite different from the original version. Even though I do still admit that some parts could have been enhanced, I don't think that it deserves to be thrown out completely. For this reason, then uploading this version.
You might also consider this as a trailer to my official "Closer You and I" cover which I will be uploading soon. :) Yes you got it right, there will be two versions of this cover, the 'Skill version' (this version) and the 'Love version'. In the 'Skill version', you will see the display of my singing 'skills'. While in the 'Love version' which is the second version, it will be a more complex performance, maybe quite cleaner? And there will be more emotions and a 'fuller' sense of performance.
I hope you'll enjoy this! I'll continue to work hard and please do anticipate for more performances from me! :)

Credits to Freemake Video Converter for helping me to edit my video.
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Language: English

Country: Philippines