Collaboration Five Preview Clip 2

Uploaded on Wednesday 8 January 2014


Work continues (albeit slowly) on my new Left of the Border Films Collaboration project. The last time I discussed this project I wrote that I was still refining the motion graphics techniques I wanted to use for Collaboration Five.

Pleasingly, I am now at a stage where I am able to confidently create the imagery I need for this experimental short film. As I continue to produce the visuals for Collaboration Five, I feel that the concepts and themes that I want to explore with this film are starting to come into sharper focus and develop with more clarity.

Left of the Border Films Collaboration Five is primarily an exploration of decay and what lingers in the spaces we choose abandon. What consciousness might still exist in places that no one spends time in anymore? If we could see this consciousness, what might it look like? Would it simply reflect the emptiness around itself as it weaved its way through the decay? This experimental short seeks to answer these questions through a combination of video footage, abstract motion graphics and soundtrack produced by Daniel Hopkins (@landcrash) in response to the visuals, themes and concepts of Collaboration Five.

This is a preview clip to give you a sense of what Collaboration Five will look like. I hope you enjoy this preview.


Language: English

Length: 0:44

Country: United Kingdom