Coron Day 1 : Mount Tapyas

Uploaded on Saturday 27 May 2017


Coron is one of the top summer destinations in the Philippines. It offers a lot of places to visit including white sand beaches, ship wrecks, coral reefs and mountains too. But one of my favorite here is the view from Mount Tapyas. It is a mountain behind the Coron town and contains 721 steps where tourists and locals alike need to walk to reach the top of mountain and witness the sunset from there. Note that the sunset here is extra wonderful that one want to visit it again and again everyday just as long as one is in Coron.

This video includes the clips taken from the time we were in Cebu going to the airport while in our Grab Car then to the plane as well as when reaching the Busuanga airport. It also includes some snippet of our guest house upon arrival in Coron.

The first day was meant to have a tour around the town and later that afternoon, check Mount Tapyas. The 721 steps challenge was indeed tiring but the view from the top made it worth the walk and the trek. We had to stop a few times to rest and reached the top just right at the time that the sun was setting.

Got a time lapse video of the sunset on my GoPro but I'll be creating a separate video with Mount Tapyas only since this video contains other clips during the travel.

So yeah that was pretty how our day ended, well we had dinner at one of the restaurants where they have a rooftop which gives a good view of the few lights of the town.

Enjoy the video and the view of Coron town from the top of Mount Tapyas. Please check my blog about the Day 1 in Coron:

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