Coron Day 2: Ultimate Island Hopping Tour

Uploaded on Sunday 18 June 2017


Our second day in Coron was solely intended for an island hopping experience. We opted for the Ultimate Island Hopping Tour which includes visiting these islands and diving spots:

Siete Pecados Marine Park
Kayangan Lake
Kalachuchi Beach
Skeleton Wreck
CYC Beach
Twin Lagoons

My favorite part was actually the Kayangan Lake because it was beautiful with marvelous view of Coron Islands plus the water was super clean and clear. There were lots of tourists who were also having their tours respectively but there was no issue with sharing the location with them.

We had snorkeling at Siete Pecados, we trek to and from Kayangan Lake, ate lunch at the beautiful beach with lots of Kalachuchi in it, dived into the Ship wreck, enjoyed the mangroves of CYC Beach and lastly, train ride going into the twin lagoons.

I guess it was called ultimate since you'll get to experience the different spots of Coron in just a day. Actually, Coron has around 200+ islands and diving spots which one can't visit in a day so the ultimate tour makes it possible for tourists to experience the lagoons, their lakes, their ship wrecks and most specially their beaches.

I had fun together with my brother, sister in law and husband. Our boat companions were also very accommodating and friendly.

I wrote a blog about this experience. Check it out in my blogs section for a more detailed write up about Coron's Ultimate Island Hopping Experience.

Enjoy the video and let me know which one is your favorite clip as well.

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Jean Beltran-Figues


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