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Uploaded on Friday 14 July 2017


Coron, Palawan - one of the most famous tourist spots in the Philippines has been listed as the top destination of local and international tourist and so it has also increased its pricing both in hotels as well as restaurants.

That is why when traveling to this spot, it is important to bring enough cash because the restaurants here don't accept credit cards or even debit cards, only cash. All transactions are cash to cash basis so it is better to have more than enough cash.

Another challenge that we had to undergo when we were in the island was that the food prices are really high that even simple viands cost a lot of pesos. Since we were four, we had divided the meal cost by four in every single time that we would be dining out.

Most restaurants in Coron would have a single viand costing from 150 Php onwards unlike the restaurants in El Nido where my husband and I can share a meal costing only Php 90 which was why we only spent a few pesos for our meals compared to what we had spent in Coron.

This is why, on this video, I am sharing you some of the foods we had eaten during our stay in Coron. From the first meal which we had beef stew then there were spaghetti from a restaurant where we had eaten at its rooftop in the building's third floor.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a video of the foods we had taken during the island hopping and the third day. But nonetheless, this is the usual viands that we had taken in as the day went by.

Enjoy the video and make sure not to become hungry. You might be interested as well with the places we had been to during the four days stay in the island:

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