Cracked Latin - Ringtone

Uploaded on Saturday 22 September 2012


In this parody of an advertisement, we enter through the singer's eye and follow Luis as he tumbles through a world of color pixels and electronics. He falls into a mysterious woman's purse, and calls for attention: "It's not so much, to want your touch." She ignores him. He realizes the only way into her heart is to become her ringtone, so he begins his transformation.

Swipe to the next scene - the charismatic phone-latina girl dances on a pixel disco floor. Backed up by his sidekick Lane, Luis sings: "I wanna be your ringtone, baby." Luis confronts the phone lady, first pushing her number buttons then her piano buttons, titillating a colorful display. Luis swipes the piano keys away and gorges himself on a phone-burger. No matter that a phone has replaced the beef patty. The power of the advertisement is enough to make him crunch his teeth on electronics. His transformation now complete, the woman flips him open and plays a tune on his buttons. The emoticon "<3" becomes a true heart and Luis dances the night away with the phone lady. We pull back out through the singer's eye for a moment of reflection.

In the future, mobile phones will dance, love, and even be edible.


Language: English

Length: 3:32

Country: United States