Dalbin meets DFA S/U/P/E/R

Uploaded on Tuesday 9 June 2009


MAC Creteil (Museum of Contemporary Arts) host SUPER #3, an event
promoting artistic encounters between independant labels from
different universes.
Super is an event that brings together poetic and melodic
independent explorers
who have emerged from the contemporary international art scene.
Initiating exchanges between visual artists and musicians, Super
exclusively presents their original creations in an evening of
"visual music" performances. Super's artistic ambition is to
stage a joyful and out of the ordinary demonstration of the
relationship between music and image with high quality
After Records Makers in 2006, Tigersushi in 2007, it was time
for NY trendiest labelDFA to present their artists; the public
thus discovered the latest musical opus of Planningtorock
(soon to be signed on DFA!) staged by the Berlin duo
Two other original scenographic sets represented the
collaborations between musician Gavin Russom, and for
the first time in France, Assume Vivid Astro Focus,
as well as the group Prinzhorn Dance school with
visual art duo My Bowling Club.
The Parisian collective Mort aux Jeunes
(Death To The Young), provided carnavalesque


Language: English

Length: 05:37

Country: France