Dear Father

Uploaded on Friday 17 February 2012


Dear Father is a short drama about two brothers, Mark and Alex, who live in Great Britain.
One day, their father becomes ill and suddenly dies much to his sons despair.
Mark and Alex must help each other to grieve over their father.

A 2nd year Staffordshire University drama film, shot in one day on a Canon 7d and edited in Final Cut 7.
Starring Vin Hawke as Mark, Craig Hooper as Alex, and Ricky Guy as Father.
Director-Andy Salamonczyk
Assistant Director-Matt Jones
Cinematographer-James Parsons
Boom Operator-Jay Guy
Runner-Ewan Dyer
Selected for the International Category for The Low & No Budget KurzFilmFestival in German


Language: English

Length: 4:01