Design 5: The Apple Parakeet on a Mug

Uploaded on Saturday 27 January 2018


Hello Bitlanders!! Today I would like to share my latest design. The reason why I came up with this design is because I love working on dark backgrounds and glow lines and somehow I developed this kind of style. I imagined a “parakeet on an apple” with a little pinch of curls and swirls added with sparkles of red and green galaxy that would give it life; I chose these colors because I just thought it would match the idea of an apple. How I did this is just something I can’t explain; I just let my brain travel around my dreams and pick a scenario which I just find so weird but letting the idea flow just makes it possible for me to lure it out on a piece of my own reality through Photoshop. Anyway, one of my designs got featured and earned a commission so I’ve decided to make more designs in the coming days. I never thought anyone would notice my designs at all but “hey!!”, somebody just did. You can check out my designs at I hope you enjoy your day. 


Language: English

Country: Philippines